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Bob & Brad's Favorite Products (We LOVE Them)


Now Introducing the Bob and Brad Grip and Forearm Strengthener

The Bob and Brad Grip and Forearm Strengthener is a training device designed to effectively and rapidly strengthen the fingers, wrist, and forearm muscles.  A metal bar with grips on each end are attached to four exercise tubes using a proprietary solid center piece that allows the handles to spin while the exercises are performed.  One can perform resistance exercises to strengthen the fingers into flexion and the wrist into four distinct directions (radial, ulnar, flexion, and extension). It is a well-made and rugged tool that comes fully assembled. 

Products We Invented Ourselves

The Knee Glide


Fantastic exercise device after knee surgery (especially after a knee replacement)

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The Bob and Brad Wall Anchor


You can easily attach bands or tubing to the Wall Anchors at 3 different heights. 

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The Bob and Brad Wall Anchor


The Wall Anchor can be used for hundreds of exercises. 

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The BOOYAH Stik can be used for stretches, balance training, and shoulder rehab.

THe Booyah Stik can be ordered at this link

For 3 of our Favorite Videos with the BOOYAH Stik

How to Fix Your Posture Permanently in 3 Steps  BOOYAH!

#1 Shoulder Impingement Exercise: Statue of Liberty Stretch, Self Treatment

3 Simple Daily Balance Exercises- No Equipment Needed


Check out this NEW Treatment for Knots & Back Pain (Video)

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